Oak Park Stage

Oak Park Stage is a small theatre company that focuses on immersing the audience with the art of play. Their main mission is to get you out of your comfort zone and to engage you in the unexpected. In their immersive workshops, the audience of up to 20 people, walks into an unexpected environment such as a birthday party where its everyone’s birthday or a prep talk before a water polo match. 


Refreshed is a concept for a subscription box service that brings natural products straight to your door. The branding uses vintage illustrations and photographs paired with its contemporary products, giving the company an established yet fun tone. 

Hurray for the Riff Raff

This is an imagined campaign for a new album and book release by americana band, Hurray for the Riff Raff. The traditional colors of the flag are changed to show a new America that is accepting of all people. 

Ten Pin Lanes

This is a concept for a rebrand and opening of Ten Pin Lanes, an old dingy bowling alley in Florida. The new branding highlights an inviting atmosphere, playing off of Florida's beach vibes and vintage bowling advertisements. The animated gifs and video, shared on social platforms, would generate re-posts and longer viewing time to draw people into the grand opening and the brand as a whole.


Ligature is a student run 2-day event that brings speakers from the design world to the University of Florida to give talks, workshops, and judge a juried graphic design exhibition. I co-directed the event planning and design with Esteban Arturo


Frank is an organization that brings people who work in social change together for an annual conference of talks, break out sessions, and bonding events. The conference has expanded to include a music and interactive festival, Changeville, a podcast called 7 Minutes in Heaven and Frank Scholar, a day that focuses on research in the field.